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Started by admin 2019-08-27 at 08:35
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After losing funds on Paypal months ago (having not recovered anything after 180 days of waiting for dispute lost) and after blocking and closing another Skrill account with the stupid motivation that I can only continue as a merchant and wait for funds on my card, there are no extremes to continue.
The funds on PM and Payeer do not cover users who have invested with other processors and have caused an imbalance that is now difficult to remedy.
After 16 months I am forced to close this project and this site. It is not an easy decision.
Those who have already reached the ROI can use their balance to advertise. Do not ask for other payments and pending payments will be canceled.
Users who have not yet reached the ROI will continue to be paid (someone) and soon after receiving some blocked funds, in September and October we will try to do the possible.
The site will not be closed immediately (but in a few days), so as to be able to help the highest number of members (with the gains of popups and other sites and with funds still remaining).
I've already closed several sections of the forum and disabled tickets and other features.
All the things left including other payments to be made will be managed by the webmaster, who will also have hosting available as soon as the site is no longer online to manage the accounts on which to make some payments.

I can not do anything else. I have paid too some users in the last few weeks with my money, trustingly waiting for the funds I had blocked, but now the imbalance is so great that I just have to make this decision.

Best regards

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