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01-07-2019 Regarding definitive rules

Started by admin 2019-07-01 at 17:28
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Hello dear members,

Regarding the definitive rules that have been active for a few weeks, I remind you that today is the first of July, and those who want to make cash out must make at least one monthly deposit (many of you have already understood the new rules and have already made their deposit today, but many still do not understand).

There have been complaints about the roi, especially for the standards, which earn nothing with the roi and with the minimum deposit. So as far as standard members are concerned, only the 200% ROI counts. For other upgraded members the roi is 300% (many complaints also about my proposal to unify the roi for all members, so it remains 300%) but it necessary a minimun depositi monthly. It will be for all processors of 5 dollars (for the sustainability of the site and to be able to catch up in this month of July). If a member is intelligent, it will be enough to make the monthly upgrade. For example, a bronze can do the first of the month or before requesting a cashout extension to the membership and will spend only 5 dollars. Membership is also a deposit.
Do not request payments if you have not made a deposit earlier in the month, and above all request one payment at a time. If you follow the rules and all collaborate, in this month we will resolve some delays and above all we will also have less tickets to answer (to many I do not answer, humanly it is impossible for me).
The goal this month is to be able to speed up payments and educate those who do not respect them to the new rules. If we all go in the usual direction, everything will be easier

Best regards

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