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payment method are not show

Started by khuram 2019-05-15 at 19:01
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dear admin now you asked the wait two days again reopen the cashout in this way my purchase balance are is zero or i can not transfer the account balance into purchase balance in this way my rented refrel are are lose day by day dear admin when you are not open cashout then acceses the account balance into purchase balance when you open cashout then fresh fund rule apply please admin
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I have the same problem. I try to cash out, but there is no button to click. What is the problem?
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Hi guys
Please read this:

About transfer from account to purchase balance, I copy Admin quote from 11/04/19:

"Hello members,

considering the many requests and the continuous tickets, we have decided to leave you some time to move your funds in your purchase balance and re-enable the function.

These are the decisions made;
- You will have until Sunday 12 May (23:59 server time) to move all your funds, rent referrals, renew etc etc. You asked us for time to organize.....now you have it."

Full post with updates here:

11-12 April every member could move money from AB to PB it's was last opportunity

About lost referrals - deposits from payment processors working fine, make deposit and extend RR how much you want...more than current promo, great chance receive free RR's

About withdrawals button, please wait this weekend

NBR Legit Status.License Script.Paying within some hours

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